Prestigious closed platform for senior executives of syngas processing plants

November 22, 2023, 19:00

We invite the guests of the Congress to the Cocktail Reception, which takes place immediately after the end of the first day of the Congress in the City 21 Pan Asian Restaurant & Lounge, the restaurant with an amazing atmosphere and between the sky and the earth top coordinates.

From the height of the 21st floor, you will have an amazing panoramic view of Tashkent at night, the city with two-thousand-year history and unique ethnic flavour. From a bird's-eye view you will see the modern multinational metropolis with its grandiose Tashkent City project: Chorsu, Mustakillik Square, Humo Arena Sports and Entertainment Centre, Alisher Navoyi Opera and Ballet Theatre, shopping and business centres, and musical fountain.
The flickering of millions of lights of the city will conquer your heart, the dizzying height will inspire new projects and achievements, and the pastel colours of the sunset will set everyone up for an informal way of communication.

The restaurant offers first-class cuisine and drinks and, of course, high-class service to all participants of the Congress. Everyone will have the opportunity to relax and spend the evening in a warm and cozy atmosphere of the elegant lounge environment after the day full of business networking.