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Investment Projects

Construction of a nitric acid plant and an ammonia and carbamide plant

Operator/initiator: Navoiyazot
Location: Navoi region, Uzbekistan
Stage: –
Timeframe: 2023 - 2028
Investment volume: $1.5 billion

Realisation of the projects worth $1.5 billion will triple Navoiyazot annual output from $150 million to $410 million. The first plant will produce 500,000 tonnes of ammonia and 600,000 tonnes of carbamide per annum. At the same time, energy consumption to produce 1 tonne of ammonia will be reduced by 2.5 times. The second plant will produce 500,000 tonnes of nitric acid per annum and reduce electricity consumption by 18 times. These two projects alone will reduce the cost of nitrogen fertilisers by 30%.

Construction of Karakulkimyo ammonia and carbamide production plant

Operator/initiator: Casale SA / Ferkensco Management
Location: Bukhara region, Uzbekistan
Stage: –
Timeframe: 2025
Investment volume: $500 million

On 24 March 2022, Uzbek companies Ferkensco Management Limited, Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd. And Switzerland's Casale SA signed a co-operation agreement for the construction of a state-of-the-art ammonia-based fertiliser plant. Upon completion, the plant will produce 1,500 tonnes per day of ammonia and 1,800 tonnes per day of granular carbamide. Construction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2025.

Modernisation and expansion of existing facilities (ammonia, carbamide, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid)

Operator/initiator: Farg'onaazot
Location: Fergana region, Uzbekistan
Stage: –
Timeframe: 2021 - 2025
Investment volume: $237 million

Annual capacity of the project: increase of ammonia capacity up to 660,000 tonnes, carbamide up to 600,000 tonnes per annum, ammonium nitrate up to 700,000 tonnes and nitric acid up to 560,000 tonnes per annum. Sources of financing: direct foreign investments as investment commitments of the investor during realisation of the main share in the authorised capital of Farg'onaazot JSC. Project benefits: reduced energy consumption and emissions, increased safety of production facilities.

Construction of a chemical complex on the production of complex mineral fertilisers

Operator/initiator: Samarkandkimyo / Ferkensco Management Limited
Location: Samarkand region, Uzbekistan
Stage: 2023 - design and general construction works are fully completed, acceptance and installation of process equipment and steel structures is in progress
Timeframe: 2020 - 2024
Investment volume: $200 million

On the territory of Samarkandkimyo JSC, Ferkensco Management Limited is realising an investment project on the production of complex mineral fertilisers in the volume of 910,000 tonnes per annum, including 370,000 tonnes of MAP and 540,000 tonnes of NPK.

Construction of green hydrogen fertiliser production facility

Operator/initiator: ACWA Power / Uzkimyosanoat
Location: Chirchik, Uzbekistan
Stage: 2023 - start of construction
Timeframe: 2025
Investment volume: $88 million

The project will be realised in two phases. It is expected that the production capacity at the first phase will be 3,000 tonnes per annum of green hydrogen with subsequent processing into mineral fertilisers. Upon completion of the second phase, wind power plants (WPPs) with a capacity of 2.4 GW will produce 500,000 tonnes per annum of green ammonia. As a result of efficient use of alternative energy resources, production of mineral fertilisers from green hydrogen and orientation of high value-added products to global markets will be one of the first in the world.

Construction of a methanol plant

Operator/initiator: MTO GCC
Location: Bukhara region, Uzbekistan
Stage: 2023 - preparation of the construction site
Timeframe: 2025
Investment volume: –

The 15-hectare facility, known as Methanol Island, is a key component of the MTO-based Gas-to-Chemicals Complex and will include a 1.3 million tonnes per annum synthesis gas methanol plant and an air separation plant that will produce oxygen and nitrogen for industrial needs. The planned commissioning date is 2025 and the expected operational life is 25 years.

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