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Investment Projects

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A wide range production based on methanol

Operator/initiator: «Navoiazot»
Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi region
Stage: –
Timeframe: 2024–2026
Investment volume: the estimated cost of the project is $435 million, of which at least $65.3 million is an own fund, $65.3 million is a foreign direct investment, and $304.4 million is a loan from financial institutions

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 03.04.2019 No. PP-4265 «On measures to further reform and increase the investment attractiveness of the chemical industry», the Project on Wide Range Production based on Methanol (Navoiazot), developed by BCG (USA), is being realised.

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Production of phosphorous and complex mineral fertilisers in Tashkent region

Initiator: «Kazphosphat»
Operator: «Central Asia Fertilizers»
Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent region
Stage: at the planning stage
Timeframe: –
Investment volume: $1 billion

Kazakhstan is interested in realisation of a number of anchor projects in Uzbekistan, including the plant construction for the production of phosphorus and complex fertilisers in Tashkent Region.

Source photo: http://chemcomplex.ru/

Construction of «Syrdarya Minerals», the plant on the production of ammonia and carbamide in the Syrdarya region

Operator/initiator: «Ferkensco Management Limited»
Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya region, Yangiyer
Stage: –
Timeframe: completion is expected in the first half of 2025
Investment volume: $500 million

On March 24, 2022, Swiss Casale SA, Ferkensco Management Limited, and Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd. of Uzbekistan signed a partnership Agreement on the Construction of Nitrogen Fertiliser Producing Plant in Uzbekistan. The signing ceremony took place within the framework of the Tashkent International Investment Forum. The cutting-edge facility on the production of mineral fertilisers based on ammonia will be constructed in Yangier city of the Syrdarya Region. The country chemical sector will benefit from this project ongoing development, diversification, and improvement of its investment attractiveness. Upon completion, the Plant will be capable of producing up to 594,000 tonnes of granular carbamide and 495,000 tons of ammonia. More than 500 new employment will be generated as a result of the Plant construction, which is anticipated to be finished in the first half of 2025.

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Construction of a chemical complex on the production of complex mineral fertilisers «Samarqandkime JSC» in the Samarkand Region

Operator/initiator: «Samarqandkime»
Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Samarkand region
Stage: –
Timeframe: 2020–2023
Investment volume: about $200 million

The project has the aim to widely attract modern technologies and generate additional production capacities for the production of highly effective complex fertilisers. The production will consist of a chemical area for the complex mineral fertilisers in Samarkand Region, as well as a processing plant and phosphorite deposits in Navoi Region.
It is expected that after the completion of construction, the Samarkand Chemical Complex will produce up to 900 thousand tons per year of complex mineral fertilisers.

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Chemical-Industrial Technopark «Chirchik»

Operator/initiator: Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Government of the Republic of
Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent region
Stage: –
Timeframe: before 2025
Investment volume: $112.13 million (total investments in projects)

The project was chosen in order to foster an environment that is conducive to business and investment, realise investment projects to build high-tech and contemporary facilities for the deep processing of mineral resources and the production of competitive goods on domestic and international markets, as well as generate new jobs in the Tashkent Region. On a total area of 31.24 hectares, the Technopark will be built on the grounds of the Maxam Chirchik JSC sodium metal production workshop and the scientific and production association for the production of rare metals and hard alloys of Almalyk MMC JSC. Park residents will begranted the same tax and customs privileges as participants in the free economic zone for ten years period. Residents will receive guarantees, and a portion of the loan interest will be covered by the State Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In accordance with the decision of the Supervisory Board of Uzkimesanoat JSC, Directorate of Chirchik Chemical and Industrial Technopark LLC with 100% equity participation of Uzkimesanoat JSC was established in the structure of Uzkimesanoat JSC. In accordance with the decisions of the Supervisory Boards of Uzkimesanoat JSC and Khimgrad JSC (Republic of Tatarstan) as well, Management Company of the Chirchik Chemical and Industrial Technopark JV LLC was established with equal equity shares of Directorate of Chirchik Chemical and Industrial Technopark LLC and Khimgrad JSC.

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Organisation of the Chemical Research, Production and Educational Cluster

Operator/initiator: «Uzkimesanoat» (with the support of the Russian Federation)
Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, the village of Ulugbek
Stage: –
Timeframe: before the end of 2023
Investment volume: the cost of the project is estimated at $53.8 million, of which $40 million will be financed by a loan from Eximbank of Korea, and $13.8 million from Uzkimesanoat's own funds

A Scientific and Chemical Cluster will be established in the village of Ulugbek.
It will include administrative and educational buildings, laboratories and other facilities.
It is planned to develop scientific plans and training programmes by the end of 2022.

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