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Congress Highlights 2022

Strategic partner of the Congress is Uzkimyosanoat

Onsite Visit to Chirchik Chemical - Industrial Technopark

Global reach:
200+ participants from more than 10 countries

More than 40 reports by the leading representatives of the syngas nitrogen industry: project representatives, regulatory authorities, and industry experts

30+ hours of business and informal networking: prescheduled one-to-one meetings, business lunches, coffee breaks, interactive discussions, and a lot more

Opening session with key industry players and representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Uzkimyosanoat

Exclusive exhibition and technological presentations: modern equipment, technologies, and solutions from world leaders

High concentration of key industry players: experience exchange with flagship foreign companies - producers of nitrogen, methanol, ammonia, and mineral fertilisers (nitrogen, potash, phosphate, complex)

Investment niche: focus on the largest projects for the construction and modernisation of production facilities in the syngas processing industry of Central Asia

Important! Financial management: financing and support mechanisms, attraction of investors and foreign companies for collaboration, and protection from possible risks

ESG - new knowledge for new leaders: industrial and environmental safety, labour protection, and personnel professional development

Round table: transport and logistics infrastructure for existing companies and planned productions

Development trends of existing companies: production growth, capital repairs, and efficiency enhancement of operating production facilities

Cocktail reception enabling to build new business relations and strengthen the existing tiles in informal setting


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